Led by the stars

Pasquetti Group is a leader in international multi-channel distribution. The excellence of our services is recognized by companies that have chosen to collaborate with us and which contribute to affirm the reputation of our group throughout the world, thanks to a consolidated commercial network, punctuality and high-speed deliveries.

The summary of our history

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We truly care about our work environment and the collaborators we came together with in all these years, whose happiness is our primary goal. We’d love to be perceived as true professionals, we love to completely satisfy our customers in order to create new trade opportunities.

We explore the world in search of markets where we can put our proven business model into practice. We select, manage and ship all kinds of products all over the world, orienting ourselves by following the sky, dreams, ambitions and goals that will take us to new lands, like those who traveled along the silk road more than 2000 years ago.

We are constantly looking for new market segments, we analyze each operation advantages and risks, with the aim of creating a sustainable process in each new sector. We are committed every day to promoting a virtuous company model, we aspire to be an increasingly contemporary and sustainable reality that bases its success on people and human relationships.

“We orient ourselves by following the sky, dreams, ambitions, goals that will take us to new lands and new markets.”

Working for a brighter future

Working for
a brighter future

Since 1980